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What Is a Rail-Trail?

Rail-trails are multi-use public trails created from former railroad corridors. They are most often flat or follow a gentle grade as they traverse urban, suburban and rural communities in America. Ideal for many uses, such as walking, bicycling, inline skating, cross-country skiing, and equestrian and wheelchair use, rail-trails are extremely popular for both transportation and outdoor recreation.

What Is a Rail-with-Trail?

A Rail-with-Trail is a public pathway that runs parallel to an active rail line. As of 2015, there are more than 240 rails-with-trails in the United States. In West Virginia, there is only have one example of a Rail-with-Trail and that is the Harpers Ferry Railroad Bridge between Harpers Ferry and the Chesapeake and Ohio (C&O) Towpath.

What is a Logging Rail-Trail?

Logging Rail-Trails are also rail-trails though they were once on former logging railroads (aka timber lines, forest railways, or logging railways) that had narrow gauges and were more temporary in nature. They are often steep and narrow trails that are now suited mostly for hiking and mountain biking. In West Virginia, these rail-trails are almost entirely in the Monongahela National Forest with a few in the New River Gorge National River Area. Hiking is always allowed on these trails, and sometimes they are also open for mountain biking and/or horseback riding.

View the 2016 WV Division of Tourism Map & Brochure for more information.

In 1998, WVRTC drafted some rating standards for rail-trails, realizing that some were not as developed as others. You can consider this list of trails as you plan your trip.


Full Trail List

Allegheny Highlands Trail

Barnum Rail-Trail

Big Stonecoal Trail Logging Rail-Trail

Blackwater Canyon Trail Logging Rail-Trail

Brooke Pioneer Rail-Trail

Brooklyn to Southside Junction Trail

Caperton Rail-Trail

Carpendale Trail

Cheat Lake Trail

Clover TrailLogging Rail-Trail

County Line Trail

Cranberry Tri-Rivers Rail-Trail

Davis Trail Logging Rail-Trail

Deckers Creek Rail-Trail

East Fork Trail Logging Rail-Trail

East Wetzel Trail

Elk River Trail

Elk River Rail-Trail

Gauley Mountain Trail Logging Rail-Trail

Glade Creek Trail

Glen Dale to Moundsville Rail-Trail

Greenbrier River Trail

Green Mountain Trail Logging Rail-Trail

Harpers Ferry Railroad Bridge

Harrison North Rail-Trail

Harrison South Rail-Trail

Hawks Nest Rail-Trail

Joel McCann Memorial Trail

Kaymoor Trail

Keeneys Creek Trail

Laurel Fork River Trail – South Logging Rail-Trail

Laurelly Branch Trail Logging Rail-Trail

Lewis McManus Memorial Honor Trail

Lewisburg and Ronceverte Trail (L & R Trail)

Limerock Trail Logging Rail-Trail

Little Fork Trail Logging Rail-Trail

Little Kanawha Connector Trail

Lumberjack Trail Logging Rail-Trail

Marion County Trail (MCTrail)

Meadow River Trail

Mon River Rail-Trail

Moore Run Trail Logging Rail-Trail

Narrow Gauge Trail Logging Rail-Trail

North Bend Rail-Trail

Otter Creek Trail Logging Rail-Trail

Panhandle Trail

Possession Camp Trail Logging Rail-Trail

Potts Valley Rail-Trail Logging Rail-Trail

Railroad Grade Trail- Canaan Valley State Park

Railroad Fitness Trail- Chief Logan State Park

Railroad Grade Trail- Little Beaver State Park

Railroad Grade Trail Logging Rail-Trail

Red Creek Trail Logging Rail-Trail

Rend Trail (Thurmond-Minden Trail)

Rocky Point Trail Logging Rail-Trail

Rohrbaugh Trail Logging Rail-Trail

Rough Run Trail Logging Rail-Trail

Seneca Creek Trail Logging Rail-Trail

Shingletree Trail Logging Rail-Trail

South Prong Trail Logging Rail-Trail

Stone Camp Run Trail Logging Rail-Trail

Tea Creek Trail Logging Rail-Trail

Wellsburg-Yankee Trail

West Fork River Trail

West Fork Trail

Wheeling Heritage Rail-Trails

Whitemeadow Ridge Trail Logging Rail-Trail

White Oak Rail-Trail

Widney Park Rail-Trail

Williams River Trail Logging Rail-Trail