Our purpose is:
  • to assist in the conversion of railroad rights-of-way to recreational trail use;
  • to encourage economic development and tourism along rail-trails;
  • to protect, promote and improve existing rail-trails in West Virginia; and
  • to provide public education and information about rail-trails.

The WV Rails-to-Trails Council is a statewide advocacy and networking organization that helps connect people and communities with resources to plan, acquire, build and DSCN4457 (1)maintain rail-trails in West Virginia and promote existing rail-trails to trail users.  WVRTC supports local rail-trail initiatives throughout the state.  WVRTC also supports linking rail-trails to create long distance trail networks across West Virginia and into our neighboring states.

Our mission is to promote and help create Rail-Trails in West Virginia to provide recreational opportunities and stimulate economic development through Rail-Trail tourism.

The West Virginia Rails-to-Trails Council carries out a program of:

  • Public education and information
  • Local Rail-Trail project support and state wide advocacy
  • Volunteer support to assist Rail-Trail development and maintenance.