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Maintenance Funding

Routine Trail Maintenance Funding Maintenance can be a challenge for trails of any size. After construction of the rail-trail, maintenance is an ongoing task that requires significant resources, including volunteers, staff and funding for equipment purchase and upkeep. Fortunately, purchase of maintenance equipment and restoration of existing trails is one eligible activity under the … Read more

Trail Insurance

Risk Management and Trail Insurance The primary focuses of rail-trail managers should be the safety of trail users and the minimization of risk and liability exposure. Liability insurance is a necessary requirement for trail owners/managers. In most cases, the trail is owned by a government entity with an umbrella insurance policy that protects municipal … Read more


ROUTINE MAINTENANCE Depending on the type of trail surface, trail uses, budget and topography; there will be variations on routine maintenance schedules and equipment needed. There also can be a variety of agreements and partnerships to maintain rail-trails. WV Example- Routine Trail Maintenance Schedule The Mon River Trails Conservancy and Morgantown Board of Parks and … Read more