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The Cheat River rail-trail is an approximate eight-mile corridor paralleling the Cheat River from Manheim (across the river from the town of Rowlesburg) to just upstream (south) of Route 7/Caddell Bridge.  The corridor is nearly flat with outstanding natural scenery and access to the Cheat River Narrows.   This greenway is a top priority among Trail Manager Friends of the Cheat’s recreation projects and has been slowly progressing for over a decade.  The cooperation and commitment of Greer Industries is integral to the advancement of this project.  In 2012, the West Virginia State Rail Authority agreed to own the property with Friends of the Cheat serving as the Trail Manager.  The purchase of the property from CSXT was finalized in April of 2016.

When completed, the non-motorized rail-trail will offer unparalleled access to the unique and beautiful Cheat River and link to Friends of the Cheat’s Preston Site.  The group has a long-term goal of developing a Cheat River Interpretive Center green building at this trailhead.

The trail is currently closed until soil remediation is complete.

Trail Manager Contact

Friends of the Cheat
Amanda Pitzer, Executive Director
Friends of the Cheat
119 South Price Street, Suite 206
Kingwood, WV 26537
304-329-3621 and
Manager website:



The trail is not yet constructed or open for public use.  Engineering including soil remediation work set for late 2016, early 2017.

Trail Stats

Trail Status Under Construction
Trail End Points Manheim to Preston WV
Counties Preston
Trail Length 8 Miles
Activities Walking, Biking, Horseback Riding, Mountain Biking, Fishing, Cross Country Skiing
Trail Surface Ballast
Parking and Trail Access

Manheim Trailhead: trail is closed, no trailhead yet at Manheim or access to property through Greer

Preston Trailhead:  trail is closed, folks can go to the Preston trailhead but should not cross the bridge or use the trail for health and safety reasons